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The Blossom Method™: The Revolutionary Way To Communicate With Your Baby From Birth is written by Vivien Sabel. She has written it in order to share with the world, the amazing discoveries she made about early communication when she had her daughter Blossom. In addition she has undertaken global research and her findings and the findings of parents across the world have been included in her innovative manuscript to demonstrate the value of The Blossom Method™.


This award-winning book was published by Random House Publishers – Vermilion Imprint, home to bestsellers like The Baby Whisperer. The Blossom Method™ aims to show parents how to recognise and meet hunger, over-stimulation, under-stimulation, tiredness, discomfort and all before your baby reaches the crying stage.



Dear reader,

You are about to embark on a life-changing journey. Seriously, this book will
empower you to be able to make a significant positive difference in your own life and
most importantly give your baby the best possible start in the world.

I have written this brief introduction to explain why I am quoted on the front cover of

this book as saying “Truly groundbreaking … a MUST read for every parent”.

There are very few books that will make a profound difference in world, but I can say
with confidence, and with delight, that this book is one of them. When I was invited
to review the Blossom Method™, I had no idea I would be privy to one of the most
ground breaking discoveries for parenting and child development of our time.

Babies are born with an innate need to connect and communicate with their parents.
We know this is true, when they stare deep into our eyes, move their tongues, cry,
smile and reach out to touch, but until now it’s pretty much been a guessing game
as to what it is our babies are really saying. How many times has a parent cried in
desperation “if only you could tell me what you need I would take care of it”. Well,
thanks to Vivien Sabel, now learning your baby’s language and communicating with
her IS possible.

Since reading this book, I’ve wondered why it has taken so long to discover the secret
language of babies. My only explanation is that baby body language, like gravity was
always there, but like Isaac Newton it took an amazing person with extraordinary
talents to discover it and share it with the world. Vivien’s unique life circumstances
of growing up with a deaf mother gave her a profound gift – the ability to notice
and to read even the slightest body gesture. Thanks to Vivien, now every parent can
practice and develop that same sensitivity using the easy-to-follow step-by-step guide
provided in this book. I only wish I had the Blossom Method™ when I was a new
mother and spent many sleepless nights trying to guess what my baby needed.

Not knowing, guessing and desperation can now be a thing of the past as you and
your baby can learn to communicate from day one. Your baby can have her needs
met once you know what to look for in order to understand her. Communication and
understanding are the basis upon which a deep life-long bond between you and your
child can be established. This will not only change your relationship with your baby,
but your baby’s relationship with the world. So you can see why this groundbreaking
book is a must read for any new parent!

As an educator and advocate for the development of life skills in children, I am so
pleased to be able to endorse this book and to witness the incredible difference this
will make in the early days of family life for new parents. Most of all, I wait with
baited breath to see the difference the Blossom Method™ will make in the world
supporting the development a new generation of babies who can communicate, feel
understood and form deep bonds with their parents.

Dr Rosina McAlpine Associate Professor, Parenting Author/Expert